"Degenerate art" is the name with which the Third Reich baptized the aim of the cultural barbarism of the Fuhrer: in front of the University of Berlin, an authentic funeral pyre of the culture. Painters and writers, architects and musicians, the Bauhaus, the expressionism, the musical vanguard, all together in the point of aim of the Beast. And in the throes of this, Weill and Brecht, united by their "degenerate" vision of the letters and the music and, why not, for their aspiration of improving their economic situation, at the fringe of the abyss and the forced exile, immersed in the disturbing complexity of the contemporary life in a time of unusual and dramatic intensity.

"The 7 Deadly Sins": 2001.

In 1933 the piece adopted the form of a "ballet chante" with a Balanchine's choreography for the personal splendor of the dancer, the producer's wife. Repeatedly protested by Bertolt Brecht of the bourgeois character of this opening assembly, too much spectacular, moving and dissolute for the correct view of the Brecht drama and the Weill's dense sound atmosphere. In opposition to that historical premiere, the production that we present deliberately offers a not psicologist interpretation that understands and develops the work rather like a pantomime or an immoral tale, without happy end. Where the schizophrenic double perspective of (those) Anna(s) appears as an undesirable byproduct of this monstrous capitalist society, more in the sense that we would understand nowadays that both creators perpetrated it, without giving up to orchestrate a new autonomous and original dramatic event.

We offer in this occasion to the public an artistic assembly concentrated in the intelligent theatral scheme and in the wonderful score. With an austere staging that grants the due protagonism mainly to the lighting, the action, the music and the rich backdrops, overhead projections of an original artistic work that Victoria Contreras - accepting the challenge that Cocteau refused at that time -, has known how to fit perfectly with the piece, improving experience and enjoyment of the music and the text in an environment of aesthetic view, having just drawn with success what offers this way in all its splendor like one of the indispensable works of the last XX Century Vanguard Theater.

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